How to drink Grape Juice

This is not grape juice.

This is not grape juice.

Here’s an article I hope you find useful or transcendent. It explains how to poor yourself a glass of grape juice:


  1. Get grape juice
  2. Get a glass
  3. Fill glass with ice (after you have gotten the ice)
  4. Enjoy!
  5. Profit

If you want to snazz it up a little

  • Put a grape in it
    • Then enjoy.


This is a secont test from Flock

Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder if this test post will look any good. Here goes nothin’. I think it will look good. Yeah. I think so. But, maybe it won’t. You never really know do you?

  • 3 Sherpas, no 4.
  • Supplies
    • 1 light jacket
    • water
      • bottled
        • Evian
          • Evian low cal

Here it is

And here’s another thing:

  1. Register at
  2. Post for advice on forums
  3. Put on light jacket
  4. Gather sherpas and endear them with your charming personality so that they will sacrifice their lives for me if the need arises.
  5. Profit
This is a test post

This is a test post. I just want to see how it works. So far so good. Lorim ipsum dolor.

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